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IMGKA - Meibukan Gojyu-Ryu Karate

Master YAGI, Meitatsu's 73rd birthday on July 7th. 2017.

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You are invited to attend Master YAGI, Meitatsu's 73rd birthday on July 7th, 2017 in Naha City, Okinawa, Japan. The festivities start on July 5th and conclude July 9th with Master YAGI’s big 73rd birthday bash!


What is the significance of the 73rd birthday in Okinawan culture?

 Akihito Yagi Sensei explains that people generally retire at the age of 60 years old. 61 years old signifies the beginning of a new life.

Birthdays are celebrated according to the Chinese calendar and every twelve years is a monumental time. Therefore, the 73rd year is the

next completed cycle and is especially important as it is expected that everyone will reach this milestone, hence the large celebration. The

following milestone years are 85 years old and then 88 years old.

It has been stated that in Okinawa your 73rd birthday is your most important birthday ever!


What other events will be scheduled during the celebration?

KARATE of course!,

IMGKA seminars will be held on Thursday, July 6th and Friday July 7th

If you like competition, or simply want to impress the judges, the IMGKA Karate World Championship is the place to be on Saturday, July 8th.

IMGKA World Demonstration will be held at the National Theater on the big stage, July 9th


Meitatsu Sensei's 73rd celebration party on Sunday, July 9th.


In addition to the above schedule, evening karate training will also be held during the big celebration.


Can I stay after the celebration for addition training?


Yes, in fact it is encouraged! Many are staying an extra week one or two to sharpen their skills.


Is it possible to attend even if I am not an IMGKA member?

YES! As Master Yagi says our door is "open to everybody".


How can I get more information?

Contact your local IMGKA dojo or Sensei Miles Snow, IMGKA General Secretary at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it