Meibukan Crest


MEI TO WA AKARAKA DE SUJIO TOSU I – reads the Mei of Meibu-kan correlates to the Karateka’s overall character and personality….. pure, clear minded, having a good heart. The Kanji Mei appears in all of the men’s names of the YAGI Family.

IN / YO (Hi to Tsuki). The first meaning Sun (HI) and the second meaning moon (TSUKI). This meaning in itself is symbolic of the style’s origin. Gojyu-ryu means Hard / Soft Style. The techniques and philosophies of the style revolve around dualities in nature, so the Kanji sun and moon represent this.

AH UM HI WA SHIMARI TSUKI WA HIRAKU – Ah means exhaling (open), represented by the kanji for moon. Um mean inhaling (closed) represent by the kanji for sun. Again here is a duality of nature.

GOJYU HI WA FUTOKU TSUKI WA HOSOKU GOJYU-RYU WO ARAWASU – The sun is thick, constant. The moon is slender, flexible. This expresses the hardness and the softness of Gojyu-ryu.

ICHIGEKI HISSATSU HI TO TSUKI (Hito tsuki suna wachi ichigi hissatsu o arawasu) – The character Mei combines sun and moon to read Hito Tsuki which means in the context of Karate technique…. ONE PUNCH. To a Karateka this is one of the most important aspects of classical Karate-do. Hito tsuki (one punch) is a concept that deals with the Karateka’s awareness of every time that they practices in the Dojo they must give 110% both physically and mentally and think as if the technique thrown could possibly be their last.