Training in Okinawa

The root of karate-do lies in a chain of small islands in the South Pacific called Okinawa. From Te, to Tode(To-te), to Karate, to Karate-Do in its four original styles, Karate-Do has grown to include hundreds of thousands of participants world wide. Passed on from the founder Master Chogun Miyagi, to his senior Master Meitoku Yagi, to his senior Master Meitatsu Yagi Meibukan Gojyu-Ryu Karate-Do is one of the four original styles of Karate-Do. These great Masters have passed the pratice of Karate-Do to us over many generations. They spent many long, hard hours polishing the techniques they passed on. We can honour them by following their example, taking our teaching/training seriously and polishing our techniques to perfection.

In the past it was very difficult for foreigners to find, let alone enroll, in a Karate Dojo in Okinawa. Firstly, traditional Dojos are not advertised the way they are in the rest of the world. Word of mouth is the usual way Okinawans would find their Karate Sensei. Secondly, a letter of introduction was usually required before the Sensei would even speak to the prospective student. This meant an affiliation was required in the students home country to the Hombu (home) Dojo in Okinawa. To appear in a Dojo without this letter would typically mean the prospective student would be shown the door. Sometimes not in a very polite way.

Master Meitatsu Yagi is an ambassador to the world. Each year he travels to various countries to promote Meibukan Gojyu-Ryu Karate. He allows ALL students regardless of affiliation or style to attend his seminars. It is the same with his Dojo in Okinawa which is located in Kume, a district of Naha, Okinawas’ capital city. Any prospective student is allowed to attend training at the Hombu Dojo.

If you are planning to visit Okinawa and would like to train at the Hombu Dojo you should contact Miles Snow, the General Secretary of the I.M.G.K.A. world wide. He will be happy to give you any information required.  YOu can reach Sensei Miles through the IMGKA website contact form.